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We focus on providing educational articles teaching people how to play an instrument, but we also favor travel pieces, music related health articles, interesting news stories, and plenty more. Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Print. Tags bass , how to , slap bass. How to Play Grooving Bass Lines. Hi Hat.

What’s the Trick to Slap Bass?

Old School. Bass Drop. Snare Roll. Deep House. Big Room. Drum And Bass.

Drum Loop. Boom Bap. Drum Fill. Acoustic Guitar.

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White Noise. West Coast. Sub Bass.

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Martin Garrix. Hi Hats.

Slap Bass Lesson - Beginner/Intermediate - with Scott Devine (L#74)

Drum Roll. Bass Drum. Dubstep Drop. Knife Party.

Slap Bass Technique - How to Play Bass

Dubstep Drums. Trap Drums. Air Horn. Subscribe to our mailing list Be the first to hear about new posts and offers. Users Online Site Stats. Social Networks. This two-hand approach may well come naturally as you get up to speed.

tuama.ml Finally, there's the 'pop', played by plucking a string usually with the first finger of the pick hand so that it bounces hard against the frets to create a similar sound to a thumb slap. Rotate from your wrist and keep your arm steady. Silence the strings with your fret hand.


This will get both hands working together. You need simultaneous thumb and fret-hand slaps for the muted notes, so thumb with a constant eighth note rhythm. Now add a hammer-on usually first to fourth finger to the previous line.