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The Tag-lite solution has quickly become the industry standard for studying receptor-ligand binding interactions. Our Tag-lite offer continues to demonstrate its effectiveness, as shown below in a list of recent publications:.

Assay Protocol and Plate Setup

Nederpelt, Indira, et al. Sykes, David A. Nederpelt, I.

Essen BioScience - CellPlayer Kinetic Cytotoxicity Assay - HT1080 CMP

Time is of the essence — Investigating kinetic interactions between drug, endogenous neuropeptides and receptor. Excellerate has invested in the latest plate reader technology to maximize the robustness and fidelity of our HTRF assays. The signal to noise on this machine is second to none, enabling very rapid acquisition times and therefore high frequency kinetic reads.


In addition, the onboard injectors are capable of adding reagent during a read, which means very early time points can be sampled. Cisbio and Excellerate share the same philosophy and commitment to excellent service. Regular open communication is at the heart of our ethos; we work closely with our clients to ensure they are involved in decision-making and are happy with the progress made throughout the process.

This increases confidence and significantly speeds up the development.

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Excellerate are not only experts in kinetic assay development and screening, we also have decades of experience successfully incorporating kinetic data into full drug discovery programs to select candidates with superior clinical efficacy and safety. Do you have a question about your final product? Do you need to discuss what the numbers on the report mean? Automated phone systems infuriate you?

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Cisbio and Excellerate guarantee you direct access to the scientists who prepared your drug-target kinetic report. We do not use automated phone systems or a complex directory. Simply talk to the right person, right away. This application note will provide you a perfect example of what you can expect for your own research project. This document gives you a concrete case study about kinetic adenosine receptor family binding assays. Discover the methods used by Excellerate, including a list of the materials and a complete adenosine kinetic binding characterization regarding human, rat and mouse adenosines A1, A2a, A2b and A3.

Download your application note. Steven has over 16 years experience in industrial drug discovery.

Drug-target kinetics with Excellerate

At Novartis, he was the Director of Molecular Pharmacology in Respiratory Diseases, leading an assay development and compound profiling team of 30 scientists and providing expert opinion and support for GPCR, ion channel, and enzyme projects. He has broad drug discovery experience, ranging from target validation to full lead optimisation programmes through to successful clinical proof of concept. In addition to his role as Chief Scientific Officer at Excellerate Bioscience, Steven is also Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery at the University of Nottingham, where he is interested in all aspects of the quantitative assessment of ligand-receptor interactions, particularly the kinetics of binding and signaling.

Viral Patel has over 18 years of global pharmaceutical research experience, contributing to the development of therapeutics in a variety of disease areas. He has successfully built pharmacology and enzymology groups within Novartis and Merck, and has extensive experience in developing and automating screening cascades. Viral has a particular interest in mechanistic enzymology and in understanding how different modes of inhibition influence clinical efficacy.

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Suky held the position of Group Finance Director at Standard Motor Products Europe Ltd in the automotive industry for the previous 11 years and led the European Group through business restructurings and a management buyout. Prior to this, he held various board positions with European and US multinationals, dealing with business acquisitions and disposals. With over 25 years experience in accountancy and business development, he has brought a wealth of experience to Excellerate to assist with its future growth plans. Dr Karolina Gherbi is a molecular pharmacologist with 7 years of experience gained in both industry and academia.

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She has extensive knowledge of detailed GPCR pharmacology focused on defining compound mechanisms of action in biochemical and cellular assays, with particular expertise in advanced microscopy techniques. Dr Gherbi manages a team of research scientists to provide project support for multiple target classes in a range of disease therapeutic areas. Her particular expertise lie in the use of phenotypic assays to identify targets for disease therapeutics and functionally characterise novel compounds in primary human cells.

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Pressure Induced Swelling Kinetics of Starch Granules

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