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She faces all of the problems Gid faces, from the embarrassing to the sweet to the sexual to the anxious. Then Gid's roommates, the popular and handsome Cullen and Nicholas, make a bet to see if Gideon can actually achieve his manhood by sleeping with a girl by Halloween. The girl is Molly McGarry, who's cute and funny, but not who Gid really wants. His ultimate desire is in the form of Pilar Benitez-Jones: very beautiful and very confident. As Gid tries to decide which girl is right for him, the reader gets to take a trip through his mind, and see how a real, live, hormone-charged year-old boy really thinks.

It takes a very creative idea, a story from the viewpoint of a girl inside a guy's mind, and makes it believable and worthwhile. Readers will enjoy guessing exactly who and what is inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn, while going on a quick, witty journey of thinking like a boy, if only for a few hours.

Reviewed by: Amanda Dissinger.

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Perfect for any woman at any age From Amazon I loved this book! First, we meet an unnamed person who is narrating the thoughts inside Gideon Rayburn's head as he arrived at Midvile Academy, a rich prep school where he probably wont fit in. He comes from a very middle class town in Virginia and ends up in a school where everyone has money and trust funds. Luckily, or unluckily, Gideon managed to befriend or he thinks he has his two roomates: Cullen, a bonafid ladies man and Nicholas, the silent sexy type. They make a bet for him to have sex with the plain Jane girl named Molly by Halloween.

However, Gideon's hormones make him want Pilar, a sexy exotic rich girl from Brazil. All the while some girl is narrating his thoughs. Gideon is thrown into the world of rich prep school kids and he trys to fit in the best he can. I highly recommend this book! In the Mind From Amazon This book is about a boy name Gideon Rayburn, and about how he moves to a new school, the Connecticut Prep School, and his room mates are two very popular boys called Cullen and Nicholas, and they find out that Gid is a virgin, and so to make him cool, they point out hot girls he could lose his virginity to.

They make a bet: if he loses his virginity to Molly McGarry, Cullen and Nicholas have to do what Gid says, but if not, then he has to do what they say. So then Gideon then meets Pilar, one of the best-looking girls in school who hints that she wants to take him on any time, so he wants to forget about the bet, but he realizes that he likes Molly, too.

He's a bit naive, a bit awkward. Oh, and, even though he doesn't know it, he has a girl living inside his head. This mystery girl wakes up one morning with thoughts that aren't hers.

She tells us all about Gid, about his super-cool rooommates, about a bet they make for Gid that could change his whole year, about his classes, and about his crushes. Of course, she herself has fallen in love with Gid from hearing all his innermost thoughts -- but he doesn't like her. Or does he? Of all the information she gives us, she never answers the reader's biggest question: who is she?

Is she the hottest girl in school? Is she the dorkiest? Is she -- God forbid-- a teacher? Any girl who ever wanted to know what guys were thinking -- this is the book for you.

Mystery girl leads us through Gideon's whole year at Midvale, through all his wins and losses, his hilarious capers and misadventures. Though she refers to herself, you'll be left guessing until the very last page as to her real identity. You can have suspicions, guesses, feelings, but you won't have definite proof, which makes it even more fun. Sarah Miller has written a funny, true, and captivating first novel that you won't want to put down. Some of the characters are a bit lacking in moral fiber, but they are lovable nonetheless, especially Gid, who you may fall for yourself.

If only you were always inside the mind of the boy you liked August 16, Reader reviewed by Ashlea I can't put this book down!


Im 18 years old and for about 16 of my 18 years I have had so many questions about boys This book answers all of them. Though blunt and at times a little degrading this book left me giggling until I flipped the last page. I fell in love with Gideon, Cullen, and Nicholas and you will too. We know these people Inside the mind of Gideon Rayburn is your life only in different words.

Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn

Needless to say I loved the story! What Boys Think June 02, Reader reviewed by Ria Gideon Rayburn has a twist of fate when he mananges to secure a position in a fancy prep school. From day one, his life is completely changed. His new roommates, Cullen and Nicholas, influence him to do drugs, drink, and even make a bet for him to lose his virginity. With so many girls around, Gideon does not know how to act around them or who he really likes.

Through the course of his first term of boarding school, he learns a lot about his personality and what is really important in relationships. What is different about this book is that it is told through the voice of a girl who is "inside his mind". She is one of the girls Gideon comes face to face with at his prep school, and the thrill of reading this is to find out the identity of the girl.

That was the main reason why I finished this book. Gideon was a cute character, but I couldn't get into this story. Maybe I would have liked it better being told through a girl's perspective, but that would defeat the purpose of the story.

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By Any Means Necessary. Heart-wrenchingly honest, fans of Brandy Colbert and Nicola Yoon will Fireborne The Aurelian Cycle, 1. Annie and Lee were just children when a brutal revolution She tells us the intoxicating story of her beloved Gideon, an adorably clueless boy who flukes his way into New England's fanciest prep school. They welcome Gid by trashing his music and betting big on when he'll lose his virginity.

Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn

Will he lose it with the cute and feisty Molly McGarry? Or Pilar Benitez-Jones, the most beautiful girl Gid's ever seen? Gid actually likes Molly and hooking up with her might be possible. But winning Pilar would be legendary. Gid is torn—he wants to prove himself to his roommates, but he also wants love. Through it all there is one hysterically funny girl sharing every thought in Gid's conflicted little mind. But who is she?